Monongahela River Loop

Enjoy peaceful tree-lined bike paths and beautify city views along this 8 mile Monongahela River loop.


Free parking is available at 4th St / Color Park.


  • Begin at Color Park Station and take South Side Trail up-river
  • Cross Hot Metal Bridge & turn left onto Eliza Furnace Trail.
  • Follow the trail to Grand St.
  • Cross Grant Street & follow the trail along Ft Pitt Blvd.
  • Make a left onto 10th St Bridge followed by an immediate left down the ramp to the Mon Wharf.
  • Continue to follow the trail all the way to Point State Park.
  • Loop around Point State Park & head towards Wyndham Grand Hotel.
  • Follow Liberty Ave. bike infrastructure & turn right on Stanwix St.
  • Follow Stanwix & turn left onto 3rd St.
  • Take 3rd Street past PPG Place, cross Wood St. & turn right on Smithfield St.
  • Cross Smithfield St. Bridge & make the first possible right into Station Square.
  • Continue straight until you reach the trail & turn right onto the trail.
  • Follow South Side Trail to Second St.
  • Turn left off of  2nd St. onto McKean St.
  • Turn left on 4th St. and follow the bike lane back to the Color Park POGOH Station.
Mon Loop v3
Strip District small v2

Rip through The Strip

This 3 mile loop is the POGOH Staff lunch special! Cruise through the strip and stop off at your favorite local eatery. There is a POGOH station conveniently located at 21st and Penn for your mid-route snack stop.


  • Start at POGOH HQ at Penn Ave. & 33rd St.
  • Take Penn Ave. all the way to 15th St.
  • Turn right on 15th.
  • Turn right onto Smallman.
  • Turn left onto 21st.
  • Turn right onto Railroad St.
  • Turn right onto 32nd St.
  • Turn left on Penn and return to POGOH HQ.


Herrs Island 

Herrs Island / Washington's Landing provides a fun, quick, scenic ride over the 31st St Bridge and around the island.


  • Start from POGOH HQ at Penn Ave & 33rd St.
  • Head towards 31st street and hang a right onto the bridge's sidewalk.
  • Follow the sidewalk left until you wrap around down to Herrs Island.
  • Turn left onto Waterfront Dr.
  • Follow Waterfront Dr until you reach the tennis courts.
  • Follow the gravel trail past the Tennis courts.
  • Follow the trail all the way around the island.
  • You will Pass Red Fin Blues Restaurant and eventually cross Herrs Island Bridge.
  • Turn right onto the trail at the end of the bridge.
  • Merge onto River Ave.
  • Take River Ave to 31st Street Bridge.
  • Cross 31st Street Bridge & turn left onto Penn Ave and return to POGOH HQ.
Herrs Island small
Oakland Schenley Loop Small

Oakland to Schenley Overlook

This 5 mile ride around Oakland stops off at the scenic Schenley Overlook. Pack some snacks and have a picnic or just roll through and enjoy the park.


  • Start at the Schenley Dr & Schenley Ext POGOH Station.
  • Head down Schenley Dr keeping Schenley Plaza on your right & turn right to stay on Schenley Dr.
  • Cross Forbes Ave & Fifth Ave and turn right onto Bigelow Blvd.
  • Bigelow Blvd becomes Bayard St.
  • Turn right onto Craig St.
  • Cross Fifth Ave and continue to Forbes Ave.
  • Turn left on Forbes Ave to ride past CMU
  • Turn right on Margaret Morrison St.
  • Turn left on Tech St.
  • Turn right on Schenley Dr.
  • At the Y, Go left on Panther Hollow Rd.
  • At the end of the bridge, stay right onto the bike path.
  • Follow the bike path under the bridge and stay left to go up the hill.
  • Make a right onto Overlook Dr and Take it to the top.
  • Take in the sights and chill for a bit.
  • Retrace your route to Phipps Conservatory.
  • Stay left on Schenley Drive
  • Return to the Schenley Dr & Schenley Ext POGOH station.