Women’s Bike Month – Sam

2023.03.28 Sam (3 of 5)

Sam Smith

Equity Initiatives Manager


Bio: I grew up in the East Bay of California. I have two sisters: one older, the other, my identical twin. I moved to Pittsburgh in an effort to individuate from my twin. Six years later, Pittsburgh is the place I call home (and also the home of my twin, who moved to Pittsburg, California). I bought my first bike in 2020 - a pale blue Jamis hybrid - that I still use to commute everywhere. I recently added a vintage Lemond road bike to the repertoire after joining PMTCC and delighting in the community of cyclists I found there. I am bringing over 4 years of management experience to this role as well as the deep interest and intention to make Pittsburgh more equitable, diverse, and bike-friendly.
Q: What's your favorite thing about POGOH?
A: This is my second day on the job! So far, I love the open workplace vibe and being able to interact with bike people all day. I am excited by the Mobility Justice Membership and hope to be able to expand its reach within the city.
Q: Who taught you how to ride a bike? Tell us about it! What do you remember about riding bikes as a kid? What did your bike look like?
A: I remember biking in circles in my old neighborhood in Newark. My dad must have taught us, since he still rides regularly, but all I can remember is raucous summer days with my sisters on our neighborhood block.
Q: Where's your favorite place to ride in Pittsburgh? It can be a route, a destination, a bike lane or road, whatever feels good!
A: I love taking my Lemond up Highland Drive (to the right of the cycling track), taking a right on Lemington Avenue, and busting my ass to St. Peter's Cemetery. From there, it's a leisurely bike around Larimer and Homewood. The National Opera House on Apple Street is a beautiful historical landmark.
Q: How do you describe riding a POGOH e-assist bike to someone who hasn't ridden an e-bike before?
A: Imagine biking on a travelator.
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Q: What's your favorite thing about biking in Pittsburgh?
A: If you're sick of fighting cars, you still have a few great options for getting around with the Lawrenceville Cemetery, the alleyway neighborhood ways, and the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.
Q: Anything else you'd like to include?
A: I love when people tell me they spotted me biking. It's my only mode of transportation, so I'll take anything to keep my energy boosted. Keep it up!