Winter Commuting: Stay Warm & Dry

By Rusty Fenders


Don't let the bite of the cold weather

keep you from getting your daily pedal on.

By layering a few articles of clothing,

that you might already own, it can be

you and not dust on your saddle this winter.


The key to riding in subpar weather

is layering garments.

First you'll need a shell.

Ideally a shell will keep both

wind and water off of you.

Next you'll need an insulative layer.

Wool is an amazing at offering

both insulation and moisture management,

but there are many other textiles

that can get the job done too.

Insulating your neck with a gaiter or scarf,

using warm gloves, and adding a rain barrier 

to your shoes are all moves that add

to Fall/Winter cycling enjoyment.

You do not need bicycle specific garb,

you just need garb and a bicycle.


Here are some examples...

2022.12.01 Cold Gear web (2 of 5)
2022.12.01 Cold Gear web (3 of 5)
2022.12.01 Cold Gear web (4 of 5)

Above: Winter Gloves to keep hands warm and functional. Check out our Fall Commuting post for a deep dive on gloves!


Left: Layers: Vest for visibility, Heavy Coat to protect against the elements, Hoodie for insulation, Glasses & Mask to keep eyes clear and face warm.