Fall Commuting: Gloves

Cool Ways to Keep Your Paws Warm


by: Rusty Fenders

Shorter days and cooler
nights are slowly ebbing
into our daily commutes.


Autumn evenings can be
some of the most enjoyable
of the whole calendar.


You do not have to spend
a bunch of money to make
your bike and wardrobe
cool weather ready.


A little bit of preparation
aides with safety, increases
the likelihood you'll ride
and cements that the bike
is more than a fair weather
part of your life.


Rather than bombard
with an exhaustive list
this series will pick an area
of preparedness and
offer some ideas for
how to address them.

When riding a bike in cold weather
it's your nose, fingers/hands,
and ears that seem to notice the chill first.
There are solutions for each of those,
but we'll take a moment to zero in
on our digits for the moment.
Gloves help in a variety of ways.
They help keep your hands warmer,
which helps your hands ability to
shift and brake, and they offer protection
if you were to unfortunately take a spill.
Some gloves even offer a rain barrier.
The thing about gloves is that almost
any glove is better than no glove.
You do not have to spend a bunch
of money on gloves.  A protective palm
and a little insulation can go a long way
towards extending your ride season
and the comfort with which you enjoy it.
It can be chilly, it can get dark early, but
comfort and protect those hands and keep riding!