How to POGOH at Open Streets on May 29

The first Open Streets of 2022 is coming up this Sunday, May 29 from 10am – 2pm. We cannot wait to get out there, ride the route, and pedal up some frozen lemonade with our pedal-powered POGOH blenders! Even though we’ve had bikeshare available at Open Streets for the past 7 years, this is POGOH’s first Open Streets, and things are going to look a bit different. Keep reading so that you can have the absolute best POGOH experience on May 29…

POGOH Stations on the Route:

We will have 2 stations physically on the route at:
  • Liberty Ave & Stanwix St
  • Forbes Ave & Market Square
That’s right. They’re both Downtown, and only a block away from each other. There are NO STATIONS on the route in the South Side, which is less than ideal. Of course, you can ride through the South Side, but it does mean you will not be able to park your POGOH along the Open Streets route.

POGOH Stations located off the route in the South Side are located at:

  • 27th St & Sidney St (Southside Works)
  • South Side Trail & 4th St (Color Park)
If you plan to park and ride, one of these 2 stations will be ideal for you.

Plan Ahead: Check the map on the PBSC App before you head out for a ride.

You can see real-time station, bike, and dock availability in the PBSC app. What’s better? You can see if there are e-assist bikes available and any given station. Hot tip: we’re going to have lots of e-assist bikes available at South Side Trail & 4th St (Color Park) so if you’re really hungry for an e-assist bike definitely plan accordingly. Our warehouse is right next door so there will be a steady e-assist bike flow at this location. Bike Overflow: We’re anticipating a whole lot of bikes coming from all over the city that will likely want to end their trip on the route. Fear not. From 10am – 2:30pm you’ll be able to overflow at Forbes Ave & Market Square, South Side Trail & 4th St, and 27th St & Sidney St. Our team will be packing up at 2:30 and rebalancing bikes around the city, so if you pull up to one of these stations after 2:30 and that station is full, you must find an open station to return to.

New Rule: No Bikes Left Unattended on the Route!

While our new system has a whole lot of benefits, one thing that will be missed is that beautiful cable lock that allowed you to lock a bike outside of a station to make temporary stops. Riders may not park bikes along the route and leave them unattended. Obviously if you make a stop and keep the bike with you, there are no worries. However, if you leave a bike outside of a store or restaurant and leave the bike this is a violation of our terms and conditions. POGOH will have team members combing the route for these “abandoned” bikes. If they find a bike that’s unattended, they’ll charge a $50 fee to your account (first offense), $200 to your account (second offense), and on the 3rd offense your account will be blocked and you will no longer be able to use POGOH. I know it sounds harsh, but abandoned bikes lead to theft, which leads to lost bikes, which leads to less bikes available to our riders. Each year, we hope to add more and more POGOH stations to make these issue obsolete, but until then we just have to be stringent on keeping the bikes we have. Again, keep your bike with you, and we won’t have a problem 🙂  
Have fun, ride responsibly, return bikes at stations, and come visit us at 13th & Carson for Pedal-Powered Frozen Lemonades if you want a cool treat with some cool-ish people.