POGOH Soft Launch: Bikes and Stations are LIVE!

Are you ready to POGOH!? Dozens of stations and bikes are live as of this morning for our riders to start POGOH-ing around the Burgh. Bikes and station availability is limited through Friday, so make sure you plan ahead.

How to POGOH:

Download the PBSC App


Choose how you want to ride:

  • Annual Membership – Unlimited 30-minute Rides for 365 days
  • Mobility Justice Membership – Annual Membership for those who receive government assistance
  • Flex Pass – 5 Hours of Ride Time
  • Pay As You Go


  1. Scan QR code of the bike you want to rent using the PBSC App.
  2. Release bike from dock.
  3. Adjust your seat.


Go for a bike ride! Need to run to the office? Go grab a few things from the grocery store? Meet up with a friend? Or generally get outside? Just have fun.


  1. Return your bike to an official POGOH station.
  2. Slide bike into open dock.
  3. Wait for green light on dock to confirm your return.
During this soft launch, some stations that you’ll see out on the street are wrapped in caution tape – these are not valid stations until the caution tape is removed, and they appear as active stations in the PBSC App. If you arrive at a station and it’s roped off, or is full, you must find an active station with an open dock to return your bike. Bikes left unlocked and unattended or returned improperly are subject to additional fees up to the cost of a bike replacement. Abuse of the system will result in a locked account.