POGOH is Coming Soon: What’s Happening Now?

3G network coverage is coming to an end on March 31, 2022, but we’re still waiting on essential station components stuck in an international shipping limbo. While there may not be any disruptions as it will take time to dismantle the 3G network, there is a chance that this could seriously impact our riders and we want everyone to know what we’re up against and what comes next. Here’s what our riders need to know now:

What’s holding up the launch of POGOH?

Quite simply, it’s all about international shipping delays. We have all of the POGOH bikes ready to share with you, but we’re waiting on essential parts arriving via international freight. The arrival date of these has already been delayed several times, and until these items arrive in the US we’re unable to announce an official launch date. Until we get those parts, we’re unable to launch POGOH, and global conflict and supply chain issues have seriously affected the delivery time of our station parts.

What’s next for Healthy Ride?

While the current stations and bikes will remain active until POGOH is ready to roll, we are working against the clock on 3G network coverage. Our service provider is ending access to the 3G network as of March 31. While we have reason to believe this won’t be a firm stop, we do need to prepare our riders for the possibility that Healthy Ride bikes will no longer be operational once the 3G network is shut off. We’re working against the clock here, and will update everyone via the Healthy Ride Newsletter the instant we have more information.

What happens if Healthy Ride stops working before POGOH launches?

This is a serious concern. We’ve known that this was coming, but unfortunately the continued shipping delays have left us without many options. Should Healthy Ride’s technical platform fail before POGOH launches, Healthy Ride bikes and stations will be removed in preparation for POGOH’s launch. Bikes would no longer rent and return without connection to the 3G network. At that point, Pittsburgh will be left without a bikeshare system until POGOH is ready to roll.

What if I need access to a bike during the transition?

Should Healthy Ride become unavailable before POGOH launches, and if you’re a customer who relies on bikeshare and cannot find adequate alternative travel means during this period, Healthy Ride will launch a bike lending program to help fill the gap in service. You can contact us at info@pghbikeshare.org for more information and to get signed up for updates.