Community Engagement Plays a Key Role in 2022 Station Locations

By Ricardo Solis, Community Initiatives Manager
My name is Ricardo Solis, and I’m the Community Initiatives Manager at Healthy Ride. I’m a bike enthusiast that moved from Costa Rica 6 years ago who enjoys riding in the Burgh. A big part of my job involves being in constant communication with the different communities that bikeshare serves. That’s why I would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about our efforts to keep the community engaged during the process of upgrading our services, and give you a chance to submit your input along the way.
With the exciting news of an upgraded bikeshare system on the horizon in Pittsburgh, we also had to make the hard announcement about stations being removed in different neighborhoods throughout our network. This is hard on our riders, but it’s part of the process in order to improve our bike share system in Pittsburgh. We’re working to build back better than ever in the coming years, and with a more limited system in year one, we’re focused on making bikeshare connections more accessible to more people in the communities that we serve.
Our goal is to keep bikeshare stations available in as many communities currently connected to the network as possible. There will be a lot of changes to bikeshare stations in 2022; new equipment, new bikes, and even a few updated locations for a few of our neighborhoods. In several instances, stations will need to be relocated from their current locations simply because the new equipment will be larger and may not fit in the current station location. And in other instances, we’re relocating stations based on community feedback and a desire for station locations to move so that they better serve residents. Over the next couple of months the Healthy Ride team will meet with community groups, riders, and stakeholders to ensure we relocate our stations in locations that best serve these communities.

These are the suggested locations for new stations by neighborhood:

  • O’Hara St. and University Place will become O’Hara & TBD
  • Centre Ave. & Craig St is relocated across the street
  • Frazier St. & Dawson St. will become Swinburne St. & Dawson St.
Hill District
  • Fifth Ave. & Miltenberger St. will become Centre Ave. & Shopping Plaza
  • Stevenson St. & Forbes Ave. will become Bedford St. & Memory Ln
  • 18th St. & Sidney St. will become 20th St. & Carson St.
  • Penn Ave. & Winebiddle St. will become Penn Ave. & Mathilda St.
  • Penn Ave. & Atlantic Ave. will become Penn Ave. & Pacific Ave.
  • 42nd St. & Penn Ave. will become Hillcrest St. & Atlantic Ave.
  • Hamilton Ave. & Zodiac Way will become Frankstown Ave. & Fifth Ave.
  • Hamilton Ave. & Dallas Ave. will become Hamilton Ave. & Braddock Ave.
  • Eccrue Way & Bennett St. will become Hill Ave. & Rosedale St.
  • Frankstown Ave. & E. Liberty Blvd. will become Race St. & Brushton Ave.
  • Arch St. & Jacksonia St. will become Federal St. & Henderson St.
  • Butler St. & Stanton Ave. will become Butler St. & 46th St.

Is there a station on this list in your neighborhood? Give us feedback by sending an email to with your comments or recommendations. We rely on rider feedback to build our network! Part of our efforts during this process involves attending community monthly meetings, presenting and answering questions from residents that utilize our system and that are excited about e-assist bikes in 2022, but that hope these changes don’t affect their routine. Interested riders and Pittsburgh residents can stay updated by signing up to our newsletter, or staying up to date by reading our blog. I hope to see you out there on a bike ride sometime soon!